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BWV 63 Christen ätzet diesen Tag

Cantata for Christmas Day

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Violin 2

This cantata was probably created in Weimar. The libretto has some indications to Johann Michael Heineccius, pastor primarius at the Liebfrauenkirche in Halle and a librettist for some of Bachs other cantatas. Indeed J.S.Bach applied for the Liebfrauenkirches organist position in 1713 as a successor to Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow (the Liebfrauenkirche had a great organ, which might be very tempting for Bach despite having a very good position in Weimar). In 1716 he approved the finished maintenance of the organ). So maybe Bach performed the cantata in Halle, too.

Bach performed it in Leipzig in his first year 1723. The score contains the 3rd movement, a duet for soprano and bass and the 6th recitativo for bass, 3 oboes, strings and b.c. In a later performance (1729?) Bach changed the oboe part to organ.

Epistle: Titus 2, 11-14 or Jesaja, 9 1-7
Gospel: Luke 2, 1-14

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The figured bass is still missing

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