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A comment on my own behalf

In this post I want to comment on the relative silence at this site in the last half year. As you maybe have noticed, the pace of releasing new music on my website has slowed down a bit (last release in august 2015…). Be assured that there is a lot more to be published in the pipeline, but in the last year some other project took all my spare time and is the reason for not working on bachsoboe.

Let me introduce you to my newly created app called Cantatas. It is a reference app for researching J.S.Bachs cantatas. It has a complete database of nearly all sacral and secular cantatas of Bach. You find more information about it on my other website: Bach cantatas app or directly on the Apple AppStore:

Be asured that this site is not dead in any way - my plan is to release on a more regular basis than in 2015. Getting feedback from you helps a lot motivating me!

All the best and happy oboe playing, Markus!

Watch the app in action